…The Journey Continues


Derived from the Award winning #JustQuality Adding IMPACT Accreditation.

The follow-on programme to ensure you are consistently adding Impact
Nursery World Bronze Equipment and Resources Award 2019
Nursery World Awards 2019 Equipment and Resources
Nursery World Bronze Equipment and Resources Award 2019
6 Impact 1 Award

Continue your journey to show how you are able to achieve

#JustQuality – The Journey Continues
  • Continued access to zoom calls with our fantastic Lucy (Every 2 months)

  • Continued access to the hotline number & bespoke email to help give you further support

  • 2 new #JustQuality floor books – both for Year 1 and Year 2

  • Brand new #JustQuality stickers to use to help show your evidence

  • Brand new #JustQuality …..The Journey continues specification book

  • After each year you are required to return the book in order for us to assess is. We will return it back to you so that you can continue to year 2.

  • Once you have completed year 2 you will have the opportunity to work towards #JustQuality Accreditation again , and we are delighted to offer this at a 20% discount if you stay on the IMPACT journey.

  • £599.00 inc. VAT