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Adding Impact Accreditation

Nursery World Bronze Equipment and Resources Award 2019
Nursery World Awards 2019 Equipment and Resources
Nursery World Bronze Equipment and Resources Award 2019
6 Impact 1 Award

This is your journey to show how you are able to achieve the

#JustQuality Award

With guidance and support by our highly motivated and experienced assessors, you will be able to demonstrate the IMPACT you are making to ensure you achieve the #JustQuality ADDING IMPACT Award. You will have 12 months (Maximum) to complete the accreditation before it is submitted for assessment.

Upon completion the assessor will grade you depending on the number of criteria you have completed.

Some of your questions answered:
Can I pay in instalments?2022-08-01T18:50:02+01:00

Yes, you can. The full cost for the Package is £999.99 plus VAT for the year-long accredited award.

However we also offer a monthly payment plan of £99.99 plus VAT or 3 x three-monthly payments of £399.99 to spread the cost and make it more manageable. Simply select the option you prefer when signing up!

What if I have never been inspected or I got an Inadequate or Requires Improvement grade?2022-08-01T18:49:46+01:00

If you have never been inspected before, or have received a judgement of RI or Inadequate, this an excellent way of showing that you are open for reflection and evaluation with a whole team approach.

Whatever grade you are, the #JustQuality ADDING IMPACT Accredited Award is perfect for you.

Why? Because it will be UNIQUE to you, your team and setting.

Is this award suitable for any setting with an outstanding grade?2022-08-01T18:45:24+01:00

This award is for any setting with any grading. If you are already Outstanding, it is notoriously harder to maintain – and what better way of showing your setting’s continuous journey?

How long will the award take me?2022-08-01T18:51:00+01:00

This is a year-long process showing your journey of reflection, action and impact.

Check out some of the support products you get!

Want to know more about how it works?

Some examples of #JQ work completed…
Read our e-prospectus (click to enlarge):
Take a look at an example #JustQuality Workbook (click to enlarge):
And check out Vanessa’s short video introducing the #Just Quality Accreditation:

Ongoing support

Your journey doesn’t stop once you have achieved your #JustQuality accreditation!

For accredited settings we offer our #JustQuality – The Journey Continues support option, allowing you continued access to all the tools, resources and support you need to keep adding IMPACT!

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